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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Deals!

Well first off I am having a big "buy one get one FREE" sale! I have introduced into my salon the Bodyfull line by Redken- at this major you the perfect excuse to try something new. Also included in my sale are a few other products by Redken, wool shake (a gel slush to add texture and body), velveteen (to add shine and protection while blow drying), and matte sponge (to add weightless piecey texture).

OK OK so it's that time of year to get in shape again. And I am talking about your hair:) Too many of my clients are coming in with damaged and dry hair. We start abusing are hair and become......... well product and color junkies. Too much product build up and frequent color changes can leave our hair lifeless and dull. So time for a new work out regime. Come in this month and we can discuss new products and treatments to get that model hair back again. There are salon exclusive treatments as well as products you can take home......and I promise I won't break the bank. Hope to see you all soon.