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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pregnancy and hair color

So is it safe or not to color your hair during pregnancy? First of all I am not a doctor so if you trust your doctor than please by all means listen to what they tell you. However the problem lies in the fact that the ingredients in hair color are always changing....therefore it is too hard for any actual tests to be performed. But on that note it is highly unlikely that any chemical is actually absorbed through the skin. The fumes however can be breathed in...I would recommend to use a non ammonia color or at least make sure they are in foils so the fumes are minimal.
BUT as a color specialist it is however tricky sometimes to color a pregnant or breastfeeding women. Is it the hormones, the extra vitamins, or the stress that makes it a challenge? I'm not sure. I have observed that it tends to be brassy and pull orange and red tones. Not always a bad thing unless you like a more ash or neutral look. I can't compensate for the warm tones because not all pregnant women have this problem...It's kinda a trial and error thing. So if it were me? I would not wait till the last minute for a color just in case you need to do some tweaking.
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